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Tuesday May 3rd 2011 ~ Back To School, Back To Work

After a good holiday it was back to  the work schedule today. As quite often happens after a Bank Holiday, congestion into Wisbech in the morning rush was quite bad. Queues were back to the 'Locomotive' pub from Freebridge Roundabout and a new set of traffic lights have been installed at St. Augustines Road / De Havilland Road junction, which seems to make matters worse. Y6 with 37576 is due off Wisbech for Peterborough at 08.48 and this was delayed because of this, K3 with 37160 was 6 late from Peterborough and sounded quite noisy - another fan victim ?

37576 at Caister Road before its early morning departure to work Y6. Photo DS
 Morning services to and from Peterborough passed me as follows :
Y7 37567 7 x 7 late

and here is 37567 before departure from King's Lynn to Peterborough on Y7. DS
L8 37566 1 early x 5 late
Y9 37568 3 x 6 late
L10 37563 1 x 11 late
L11 37157 9 x 16 late

Things improved after this, but other delayed services from Peterborough were K14 with coach 20126 13 late, 37579 on K16 12 late and 37571 on K17 10 late. K18 with 37156 was only 2 late on the 14.48 to Peterborough, but was 16 late returning.
At the Lowestoft end, Paul reports 37565 on the 17.30 Beccles to Lowestoft X2 and Malcolm had seen it earlier departing on the 15.08 Lowestoft to Norwich

37563 and 37157 await forwarding to  Vancouver Avenue garage after arrival at Lynn tonight on L10 and L11 - what worked L10 to Peterborough at 19.50 is unknown, possibly 37568 off Y9. DS

 An A47 accident this evening may have beeen why L8 swapped 37566 for 37567 off Y7 and as reported above 37563 also looks to have been replaced after arriving late.

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