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Friday May 20th 2011 ~ Low Floor Coach ?

Well not exactly, but a coach with a disabled ramp, 20352 took to the road this morning at last. It had last worked on the route at the end of September 2009. Rather oddly it was chosen to work K4 at 07.15 from Lynn to Peterborough, thanks to Marcus for the report. It was removed on the way back at Lynn where K4 went forward with 37578. This was seen thanks to Cheryl who was tipped off that K4 might be interesting , "Do you call 578 interesting ?" she quipped. K5 which had started with 37571 was then taken out for servicing and the Profile took over and worked forward from Lynn at 10.32 to Lowestoft.
37565 overheated at Peterborough whilst on L12 this morning and fitters were despatched to the rail station to change a belt, 565 was soon back on its booked turn and was seen this evening arriving on L12 from Lowestoft. The Geminis have been reliable lately, so wouldn't you know it, later another one expired at Peterborough station. This time it was 37157 which was due to work L10 21.10 back to Lynn, this required fitters attention and was coaxed back to Vancouver Avenue where a new alternator was fitted.

37563 passes King's Lynn railway station this morning en route to Lowestoft on K1
 Bruce and myself joined Des and Arthur today and went on a jolly to London. Des travelled on Y6 both ways with 37567. We were surprised by the large number of London buses (not all Geminis either) which had the noisy fan problem.

One of the many London Geminis we saw today, this 188 was photographed in Greenwich.

Us (any similarity with the cast of 'Last Of The Summer Wine' is purely coincidental) having walked the foot tunnel under the Thames from Greenwich to the Isle Of Dogs.

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