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Sunday 15th May 2011 ~ Sunday Sightings

Piecing together the X1 movements on a Sunday can be difficult at times. Bruce and Malcolm regularly help me to complete the picture. Today my sister picked me up to go and see my brother who is in hospital at King's Lynn. We pulled out onto the main road at Walpole Highway with an X1 looming up behind us. I told Ros to pull over into a layby so we could view 37563 go by on the 13.05 ex Peterborough. "Hmmm" she said, "Now we are stuck behind that ". I replied by explaining that the B9s can put in a good turn of speed and we hadn't caught it up by the time we turned off at Terrington. On the way home, I checked my watch and informed my sister that we should, all being well, arrive at the Hardwick roundabout about the same time as the 14.05 ex Peterborough and sure enough, right on time, we pulled up at the lights just as 37569 went by.
Jamie R travelled to Walpole on the 10.05 from Peterborough which was 37565 - this is the bus which does the Martham service on arrival at Lowestoft. So that's three of the ten vehicles accounted for. Bruce obliged with seeing K1 with 37578 and K2 with 37570, both confirmed by Malcolm. Bruce also spotted K3 with 37573. Between the various parties, the remaining diagrams were seen with K4 37572, K5 37575, Y7 37564 and Y8 37157. Of course the only service running particularly late was Y8 with the B7.
37568, currently allocated to Lowestoft, looks likely to soon be a King's Lynn bus. It is seen here in Vancouver Avenue garage this evening.

Warning notice now affixed to the side of 37568. Fuel theft is now a serious business.

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