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Monday 9th May 2011 ~ The X1 Blog comes of age

Following protracted negotiations over the last 4 months, the X1 blog finally reached the TV screens of ITV Anglia region viewers today. Stuart Leithes who conducted the interview greeted me with the words "Ah you are Gerard. the man who has been so hard to track down". The reason being, that I have been incredibly busy since the original 'story' broke in the 'EDP', 'Sun' and 'Mail'.
I met Stuart at King's Lynn bus station this morning and thanks to him was introduced to Colin Booth, First's operations director and local supremo Rosemary Parry. It was great to know that the blog is being read, not only by enthusiasts but also by the company themselves and that your observations can be helpful to them too. The interview went well and if you missed it, I am reliably informed that it can be seen at :

Today 37566 had another day off - something which is quite commonplace and accounts for it being the lowest mileage of the B9 fleet at less than 260,000 miles. Other than accident victim 37577, the only other absent B9 was 37572 which was being attended to by Mr. Volvo man in King's Lynn garage. The urgency was so that 37574 can be stopped for MOT tomorrow if 572 is back.
Some morning services were slightly late coming in to Lynn from Lowestoft, but otherwise it was a good day. Two new advertising campaigns began for BT Spring Watch Offers and Milk, see below...

37564 with new BT advert about to depart from King's Lynn bus station at 11.15 on L12 today.

37568 near Walpole Highway on L8 10.35 from Peterborough with new advertising for Milk.

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