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Saturday 14th May 2011 ~ Tedium

The low floor Gemini predominance continued today. Nothing worthy of much note, but at lunchtime the 12.45 from King's Lynn to Peterborough (K15) was 11 late with 37573 and the next service (K16) was seen at Waltonn Highway 16 late with 37566. After this the punctuality quickly improved. 37571 had a test run after repairs today and its usual turn, K17, was taken by 37579. The other 'spare' Gemini today was 37569 at Lowestoft. The remainder were all at work on the X1 save accident victim 37577.
On a Saturday, K1 often gets a B7 and today it was 37157, whereas the weekday favourite for a B7, K18, today had 37564.

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