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Thursday 26th May 2011 ~ Knocked Out

Clever planning yesterday meant that today two out of the three single decker turns could revert to Gemini operation. As expected 37158 re-emerged on X1 duty with Y13 instead of 20126 and King's Lynn were able to use 37578 in place of a Scania. 20352 was in action however and plyed forth on K3 - a great improvement comfortwise on the use of 65532 yesterday.
At lunchtime I had the pleasure of meeting up with Malcolm from Lowestoft, one of our regular contributors. He had a trip out by X1 to Wisbech, but sensibly broke his journey en route for refreshment purposes. Amongst the vehicles he saw was 37575 in King's Lynn garage having just arrived back from its MOT at Bexwell. we enjoyed a good half hour or more catching up and during this time K16 came in with 37160 and then Y13 eastbound came in with 37158 :

37158 back on X1 duty before departure as the 13.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft today.
 Afternoon punctuality eastbound was hit and miss and noted from X1 hq were 37569 on K14, 12 late ; 37570 on K15 4 late ; 37160 on K16 9 late and later 37159 on K18 4 late.

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