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Thursday May 19th 2011 ~ Is That It ?

The X1 has definitely been going through one of those weeks where effectively, nothing is happening. Knowing the X1 like I do though, it can only be a matter of time before something interesting crops up !
Punctuality was good today, but nosedived in mid afternoon with the following being seen through Wisbech :

K18 37160 17 x 19 late, K19 37572 7 late westbound, K1 37567 1 late westbound, K2 37566 3 late westbound, K3 37578 13 late westbound and K4 37568 17 late westbound through Walpole (see below)

37568 with Blondie trying to make up some time on K4 this afternoon.
 37565 on K16 was changed over at Lowestoft for 37156 and 37576 which was in for servicing at King's Lynn today was strangely still in bits this evening suggesting that it may have a problem. Former Stansted coach 20352 has had all the associated vinyls removed in preparation for use on the X1.

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