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Sunday May 1st 2011 ~ Low (Floor) Sunday

The other day I put out a plea for confirmation of the whereabouts of 20102. Syd comes to the rescue and says "James and myself  had a ‘Grand Day Out’ yesterday using an Anglia Day Ranger but as usual it all went haywire. The highlight was getting a run from Norwich to Cambridge and back behind 47 712 ( now not Lady Diana Spencer ) on hauled stock and with an operating buffet!!!!  We eventually got to Ipswich however and found 20102 lurking in the Bus Station with 179 on its destination, this being an infrequent service to Woodbridge via country lanes. Being a Saturday this wasn’t a school requirement, and the display may have been left over from Friday of course.  At least it confirms that she is there". Well thanks for that Syd and he sends us a picture too :

20102's flirtation with the X1 was a brief one therefore and it appeared on six days between 18th and 24th April.
Syd also adds in a later email for those interested in trains : "...just to show I wasnt joking about the 47 on Norwich-Cambridge, I have found a bit of video of it on starts at 3 minutes in.

Apparently the 47 was used because of a bridge between Norwich and Ipswich being struck by a lorry, causing chaos.

Now what about the X1 today ? Malcolm says "This afternoon I saw 37573 in Lowestoft bus station which worked K5, 37566 arrived 10 minutes late working K6 & had 1A Martham on its destination blind". K6 is  booked to continue its work on the Martham service in the Sunday timetable.
Des adds "37575 on Y9 from Yarmouth to Lynn at 09.30, I was on time until traffic at Hardwick and a diversion via Tennyson Avenue, arriving Lynn 24 late (12.08). This was because of today's Bespak Grand East Anglia Run. Des went back east with 37572 on Y7 12.35 from Lynn as far as Norwich and was on time throughout. His taxi back to Yarmouth was, cue fanfare........... a resuscitated 20115 and he finishes "37565 spotted going into Norwich on X2 approx 14.30".
The use of Geminis on weekend X2s is definitely becoming more commonplace these days. 37160 worked K1 yesterday which is due to finish at Yarmouth, but  it also did the last leg of K2 which ends up at Lynn, instead of 37575, hence the latter being at Yarmouth this morning.
The X1 was completely B9 Geminis today and B7 Profile coach 20352 remains at King's Lynn, keeping up the types reputation for idleness. It is awaiting parts before a safety service can proceed.

37571 in today's lovely sunshine seen approaching Walpole with a generous splattering of squashed insects on the front ! It was en route to Peterborough on K4 13.48 from Lowestoft.

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