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Sunday 22nd May 2011 ~ Tidying Up

I seem to have been bombarded with info and pictures lately, which is excellent and I'm certainly not complaining. It does mean though that I sometimes forget to include all the stuff that you send me. For example, on Thursday Christine sent a message to say she had seen 66126 (S116JTP) arriving at 09.30 in Norwich with an inbound X1 shuttle. Now I have to admit that I didn't know what sort of bus this was, but I did find a picture of it on Jamie Vendy's Flickr site. Knowing Jamie, I'm sure he won't mind me using it. You can find his photos at :

66126 at Yarmouth Market Gates. Photo courtesy of Jamie Vendie.

Another picture I was sent recently was a nice pair of B10M coaches, again at Yarmouth, but now used as driver trainers ....

Nice to see the old Barbie livery again. Photo by our man in the know !

Continuing on a Yarmouth theme, here is a picture sent by Des of early morning at Caister Road on Friday

The smaller fleet number on 37568 is noticeable here, it was acquired during accident damage repairs.

Today was a rather uneventful day on the X1, although there were two consecutive services worked by B7 Geminis. The hourly departures out of Yarmouth from 07.30 were 37156, 37157 and 37568. 37572 was spare and 37578 was also present (possibly still with adblu problems). The driver's shuttle to Norwich was Royale 34111 (pictured by Des, right).
The other Geminis in action today were ;
K1 37565
K2 37573
K3 37567
K4 37566
K5 37579
K6 37569
L10 37574

Finally, fuel prices from Des :134.9 Tesco Lowestoft,
133.9 Sainsburys Norwich, 135.9 Sainsburys Easton
and 135.9 Tesco Lynn.

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