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Friday 14th August 2009 ~ Bruce to the Rescue

After arrival at work today, I was sent over to our South Lincs branch due to a staff shortage. Because of this I am indebted to Bruce for monitoring today's X1 workings.
37576 had been expected to re-enter service today following MOT, but instead it went to Volvo with an oil problem. Grahame confirms that 37567 is now stopped at Great Yarmouth for its MOT. 37566 and 37569 returned to the route today on L11 and Y6 respectively and as a result 20353 had a day off at Lowestoft. At the King's Lynn end, 20352 was stopped with a faulty drivers seatbelt and 20118 (what else ?) came out to deputise on K5. Rather surprisingly 20115 was tucked away in Rowan Road compound all day parked next to off road B10M 20131. 20105/121 remained here also.
Punctuality did a typical Friday nosedive today. Bruce says " Y13 the 12.03 westbound at Walpole Highway with 20106 was 23 late and so was the corresponding eastbound service, Y9 12.05 to Lowestoft with 37575. An hour later 20351 on K15 was 19 late, congestion meant 37563 on K16 was 23 late coming in to Wisbech to form the 13.48 to Peterborough and this had lost a further 9 minutes making it 32 down on the return. K17 with 37574 was 25 late, but then 'the beast' 20107 bucked the trend by being only 3 late on K18 - a quality vehicle you see".
Tonight 37572 on L10 was given an early finish and 37575 off Y9 took the service forward to Peterborough from Lynn at 19.50.
Today's B10Ms were 20103 (K4), 20104 (K2), 20106 (Y13), 20107 (K18), 20118 (K5) and 20127 (Y7).

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