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Saturday 8th August 2009 ~ Can you get off now please ?

Scania lookalike 60863 at Wisbech bus station today departing on K14 14.26 to Lowestoft. Photo courtesy of Rob Brooks.
Rob Brooks photographed 34108 departing from Peterborough rail station this evening

37563 with new destination display on the delayed 09.25 from Lowestoft at Walpole Highway this afternoon. It was taken out of traffic later due to a broken window.
You will be used to reading in this blog of days where wholesale changes take place to a buses rostered work. Usually this takes the form of swapping vehicles at Lowestoft so passengers are inconvenienced as little as possible. When, however, this takes place at King's Lynn it inevitably means that passengers are asked to disembark and await the relief bus. This has been happening for years of course, but was illustrated today on a grand scale.
Here is the full list of changes today ;
Y6 : this started the day with 37574 but on arrival at Lynn at 10.54 this was changed for the repaired Royale, 34108. As this turn finishes at Lowestoft this made sense.
L8 today was 37576, but this was taken off at Lynn at 18.44 and the 18.50 departure to Peterborough must have been late leaving as it was 20103. This was on L9 which is not due to arrive at Lynn until 19.12, though invariably arrives about ten minutes before this. 20103 was on time departing eastbound from Wisbech at 21.00.
Y10 was 37575 until a change took place at King's Lynn at 12.54, 37574 (off Y6) working forward as the 13.02 to Lowestoft.
L11 began the day with 37570, but this was required for servicing and was taken off at 13.24 with 37575 (off Y10) going forward as the 13.32 Lynn to Lowestoft

There was another enforced change this afternoon when 37563 on K15 suffered a broken window near Tilney on the 14.05 from Peterborough and 20118 worked forward at 15.32 to Lowestoft. It was unusual for a Lowestoft Gemini to be on a Lynn internal diagram to start with, but such was the B9 shortage today that K2 (which ends at Lynn on a Saturday night - as opposed to Lowestoft in the week) had 37569 and as we've said K15 began with 37563. 563 now has an operable destination screen once more and the opportunity has been taken to re-programme it with the larger type font carried by 37567/574/5/6/8/9.
More non-Gemini variety was provided today by 20109 on K3, 20106 on K4, 20104 on Y7 and 60863 on K14. It was also one of those rare days where all three B7 Profiles were in service with 20351 back on K19, 20352 on K16 and 20353 on K17.
The single out and back turn, L12 was today worked by 37578. It befell some misfortune en route though and was seen entering Wisbech 40 minutes late on the 12.35 from Peterborough.

Rob Brooks reports the following today :
Finally I get some luck with the X1, despite travelling on 37575 (had this for nearly 100miles these past two days) I had 60863 Pbro - Wisbech and 34108 Wisbech - Peebo! Result! Anyway, here's today's sightings:
20103 L9 0945 Lynn - Peterborough depart ontime
20106 K4 1002 Lynn - Lowestoft arr 1000 & 1805 from Peterborough leaving Thorney 1836
37575 Y10 1015 Lynn - Peterborough arr 1008 dep 1020
37572 at South Gates 1025 for the K5 1032 Lynn - Lowestoft
37574 passing Bruce Land Y6 1040 to Lowestoft
20104 Y7 1005 Peterborough - Lowestoft at Thomas Clarkson lights 1053
37576 L8 1035 Peterborough - Lowestoft at Thorney Toll 1107
60863 (R641CVR) K14 1335 Peterborough - Lowestoft departed Queensgate 1349
37563 heading for Peterborough at Thorney on K15 at 1410. 35 minutes late
Un/id profile at Guyhirn 1425 to Peterborough
37569 K2 1756 Wisbech - Lowestoft depart Wisbech 1800
34108 Y6 1818 Wisbech - Peterborough arr 1814 dep 1818. Gemini speed checking device has this pegged at 50.
20109 K3 1826 Wisbech - Lynn arr 1820
Oh, finally in case you are unaware, Main road through Thorney will be closed on the 16th August from 1030am - 1130am for a "road race"
Thanks very much to Rob for the above. It would seem that an A47 incident affected L12 and K15 as they seemed to be the only workings noted running excessively late.

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