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Thursday August 6th 2009 ~ What next ?

These days one never knows what's going to turn up next on an X1 - today there was more variety with only ten Geminis on the road. The absentees were 37563/8/9/71/3/7/9. Of these it is quite possible that 37569 did the first return trip on Y7 as this ran late and nobody seemed to view it, equally though it could have been 20104. Whatever did it, possibly due to the late running, it was changed at Lowestoft and the 14.55 to King's Lynn was our old friend 34108. On arrival this had an air leak so it will need repairs before use tomorrow.
Grahame has reported on EABG that 37568 is at Yarmouth for MOT, though it was in traffic yesterday so should be off the road for a few days now. 37571 has not as previously rumoured moved to Northern Ireland, though it was due to move today under cover. 37573/7 remain at Volvo and 37579 at Full Circle.
B7 20351 should be back on the road tomorrow, slightly later than planned. This morning some slight accident damage to 20352 had to be repaired so 20121 was risked on K5. It has been more reliable lately and did Ok today until early this evening when it expired near Thorney. 20352 is believed to have attended with a fitter. It was not back at King's Lynn by 21.00 (due 19.57). 20353 did K15 for the third successive day.
The reappearance of 34108 was not the only imposter out today. After a day off 60863 was out again on L12, instead of 37563 which had been expected. The reason for the removal of 20127 from K18 yesterday afternoon was not due to a mechanical fault, but because of a broken skylight. This was repaired today , but Lynn then had to carry out a safety service on 127 before it could be used (Yarmouth had advised it was due). Because of this 20109 was utilised on K4 until 16.37 with 127 working forward at 16.45. There were other B10Ms deputising today and not mentioned thus far were 20106 on K3, 20107 on Y6, 20118 on K17 and 20103 on K18.
B9s with the 'Orange' ad are 37566/568/576, while the G Force ad now adorns 37565/7/9/73/4/9. The Easy Jet series of ads are still in situ on all the B9s except the absent 37577.

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