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Saturday 22nd August 2009 ~ An Adventure for 105

Back in action after a five week lay off, 20105 departs Wisbech on time this evening on L8 19.22 to Peterborough with Jason at the controls.
20105 is one of the dedicated coaches designated for schools use, 20118/131 normally being the other two. With the new schools term now only a few weeks away, 20131 is still off the road awaiting MOT, so it looks as though 20106 will take its place when the new term starts - but back to 105, which did K3 on 16th July and Hunstanton schools contract 5 on 17th on which it was reported 'running hot'. Since then its only movement has been to Vancouver Avenue for a service. That was until this morning when L8 arrived at Lynn, 37566 having a smashed destination window. With 20106/118 on special prep for tomorrow's excursions, this meant a B10M had to be summoned from Rowan Road. With a choice of 20121/23 & 20105 , the latter was chosen as best bet to make it to Peterborough and back. So it was that 105 worked L8 forward and was seen running 38 late on the return leg at Walpole. Later Michael Bryant saw it arrive at Norwich with 'not in service' on the front, but still with passengers on board. It departed for Lowestoft at 14.00, just 10 late, so presumably ran direct from Lynn to Norwich to make up time. This evening despite a Norwich City home match, it was on time departing Wisbech for Peterborough at 19.22. Following 105 just 3 minutes behind on on L9 this morning was 37578 which was making its first appearance since Monday. This picked up a disabled passenger at Walpole Highway who had been unable to board 20105 - in fact it was doubtful if 105 even stopped there as it was so full.

Gemini 37576 was in trouble again this afternoon, it was removed from K19 for the second consecutive day and a repaired 37566 worked forward at 14.45 to Peterborough. Later on 37569 on K4 was retired at Lynn at 19.30 and 37578 went forward having just arrived on L9.

B10Ms other than 20105 on X1 frontline duty today were : 20103 on K16, 20107 on K1 and 20115 on Y7. The X1 Royale, 34108, did K14.

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