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Monday 17th August 2009 ~ None Runner Number 15

Another Gemini reappeared in traffic today after a lengthy lay off. 37573 came out of Lowestoft on L11 in place of 20103. There were B10Ms out today though with 20104 on K4, 20106 on K5, 20107 on K2, 20118 on K3 and 20127 on K18. In addition 20115 had a tyre change and was then despatched to Peterborough on K1 at 15.15 after the CCTV on 37565 failed again. The latter was dumped at Rowan Road tonight.
It was not a bad day for punctuality although for some reason K15 failed to run west of Lynn (it had started the day with 37572) and a gap in the service like this is thankfully rare these days. The following service, K16 with 34108 was well loaded as a result. K17 which had begun with 37578 came back from Lowestoft with 37563. B9s in service today were 37563-6/8/70/2/3/4/5/7/8.

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