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Sunday 9th August 2009 ~ The microscope

A fairly quiet day today with Yarmouth sending out 20106 on the first westbound turn and Lowestoft providing 20352 on the second part of K6 being the only relief to B9 operation. Michael B enlarges on yesterday's swap betwen 37576 and 20103 which did not take place at King's Lynn. Instead 20103 was sent empty from Lowestoft to Norwich and worked L8 forward from there. 37576 then took L9 from Lowestoft to Lynn. Michael also saw 37578 being tailed into Norwich by 37564 on L12 & Y13 respectively. 20118 on K15 preceded 60863 on K14 into Norwich, but they then departed eastbound in the correct order.
News today that another First employee was indeed threatened with dismissal for contributing to this blog. I hope the people concerned feel proud of themselves and just to reiterate that it will have absolutely no effect on this blog which will continue reporting the facts as we see them incorporating as ever information from employees, but now reported anonymously. Anyone from First management who has the courage to contact me via the usual address will rise in my estimation ! Have a good week you all.

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