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Thursday 13th August 2009 ~ Chances are .....

.... that if you travelled westbound on an X1 this morning you would most likely have had a B10M coach to whisk you along. Lowestoft sent out no less than three in a row : 20107 on L10, 20103 on L11 and 20115 on L12 and these were followed by 20104 on Y13. From the King's Lynn end, 20127 was on K4 and 20106 on K18. Quite extraordinary when one considers that there were days at the start of the year where a full compliment of B9 Geminis were in service. Today absentees were 37566 (unknown reason - may be MOT ?), 37567 (not seen since it was replaced by 20127 on Tuesday), 37569 ( replaced by 20115 yesterday), 37571 (rebuild), 37573 (Volvo warranty repairs), 37576 (MOT completed today) and 37579 (at Full Circle for collision repairs).
Fortunately once again all three B7s were in service and actually could be found on three consecutive turns : 20351 on K15, 20353 on K16 and 20352 on K17. the latter was 19 late this afternoon heading east on the 15.05 from Peterborough. Earlier 20351 had also been 16 late on K15.
37578 on K2 was removed from this duty at King's Lynn at 08.55 and it is not known what worked the rest of this turn. This afternoon 37570 which had begun the day on K1 was noted running in the times of K2, nothing having been seen on K1. It is possible that 20118 filled the breach, though it was not seen. Earlier L12 had arrived at Lynn at 13.55 with 20115 and this was then replaced by the aforementioned 37578. Following its MOT, 37568 has been back at work for a couple of days now and 37576 should also be back tomorrow. An unusual working today was Lowestoft's 37565 on K3.

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