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Wednesday 5th August 2009 ~ It's That Woman Again

The X1 drivers turns are intriguing. In particular the driver who works the 08.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough also appears to do the 12.45 and 16.45 departures westbound, so in my case I pass the same chauffeur three times every day. Jamie R travelled on the 08.15 today (Y6) with a charming lady driver & 37576 and she duly drove K15 (20353) and later K4 (20107).
A couple of the absent B9 Geminis returned to traffic today, these were 37566 on Y9 (37578 had been expected) and 37572 which was L11. Lowestoft also produced 20103 on L12 meaning that of the four arrivals there last night, only two - 37570/4 reappeared with 37564 and 60863 being the replaced vehicles. Later though 564 did work, replacing 37568 on K16.
There was a series of swaps involving B10Ms this afternoon. 20107 on K2 was taken off at King's Lynn - late running possibly ? - and replaced by 20121, the first time 121 has worked on the route since it disgraced itself on May 20th. On arrival back at Lynn, 121 was replaced by 37565 which had just come in on the first terminating turn (Y7) and this duly worked the 18.35 eastbound. 20107 itself then worked forward to Peterborough on K4 on which 20104 was the replaced vehicle. 104 then in turn replaced 20127 on K18 which had been running around 15 minutes late for unknown reasons. Otherwise punctuality was very good today.
37579 is confirmed as being at Full Circle for bodywork repairs and 37573/7 are still at Volvo.
20351 was undergoing servicing this evening and its return to service is imminent. Thanks once again to Bruce for a comprehensive list of sightings today.

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