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Saturday 1st August 2009 ~ New Month - Old Story

34921 never found its way onto the X1 whilst based at King's Lynn, but before the tachograph implementation sisters did occasionally make it through to Peterborough. It is due to leave King's Lynn next week.
Peter took this unusual angle of 37569 on Thursday night at Peterborough station before departing on the 20.05 to Lowestoft.

Geminis still off the road today for a variety of reasons were 37566/571/572/573/577/579. Work is now progressing on accident damaged 20351, it has had its panels replaced and now needs a second coat of paint and its registration plate fitted. It is then due a service and should hopefully be back on Tuesday.
Bruce says
" Saturday report .....
K3 20109 all day and practically on time
K5 20118 on time at 08.01 and 10.04
L9 a quiet B10M
Y10 37564 19 late at 12.53
L12/Y13 Well I stood at the window at 13.34 and eventually 20127 passed at 14.21 on either L12 (47 late) or Y13(17 late) with a healthy load followed by 37569 at 14.35, only 1 late and previously having been 10 late at 12.44
K15 37570 26 late at 13.30
K16 37565 5 late at 13.39 and on time coming back
K17 37575 4 late at 14.08
K18 20103 15 late at 14.49 and only 2 late at 16.36

I didn't see any more as I was losing the will to live but believe K1/2/19 may not have been B9s either when they passed early morning.
Rowan Road held 20105 (overheating) 20131 (MOT) 37579 (damaged) 30901(shy) and 34933 (old)
Exhausted of Walpole Highway

Interestingly 20115 turned out to be the quiet B10M on L9 and this afternoon was replaced from Lowestoft by 37567. K1 was 60863 so this should be back at its Yarmouth base this evening. It was viewed heading to Peterborough in Norwich this afternoon by Michael Bryant. Y7 was 20104, L11 had 20107 and I can confirm 20127 as Y13, in fact this evening it was a minute early at Walpole. What happened to L12 is unknown, but looking at other services it is doubtful that it ran early. The two vehicles in the frame for L12 were 20352 and 37563. Profile 20353 was Y6 today. K2 was 37576 seen by Rob Brooks this evening and Neil also sent a text to confirm 20109 ending its day on K3. All turns not mentioned thus far were B9s. 37567 arrived at Lynn garage tonight with 'Welcome Aboard Bus Users UK' scrolling across the destination screen ! Bruce mentions local Olympian 34933 at Rowan Road and it may have worked its last. Its partner 34921 was seen coming in from Hunstanton tonight and is due to be transferred to Norwich on Monday. It remains to be seen whether this brings down the curtain on the older Olympian fleet at Lynn.

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