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Sunday 16th August 2009 ~ Camera Shy

On recent Sundays, services during the middle of the day have often run around 15 minutes late because of congestion at the Hardwick Roundabout. This has been caused by traffic on the A149 backing up as queues develop with cars en route to the coast meaning that through traffic on the A47 is affected. Today the 12.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough was a victim, though by the time it returned it was only about 5 late. This turn (K6) had started with 37574 and 565, as is the custom now, took over at Lowestoft. On arrival at Lynn at 15.30 565 was failed with its cameras not working, so 20107 took over the turn.
107 was not the only B10M out as 20127 was once again plying the route on Y9 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough etc. Another non-Gemini worked turn was Y4 which had Profile 20353.
There was a severe imbalance of power this evening when (including VORs) Lynn was custodian of 20104/5/6/7/9/15/18/21/27/31. This just left 20103 at LFT, 20126 awaiting a replacement engine at Yarmouth and 20123 now presumed back at Norwich, but by all accounts in a bad way with oil leaks etc. Royale 34108 was kept at Lynn today.

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