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Monday 3rd August 2009 ~ Jigsaw complete

Various people contributed to the sightings today for which many thanks. A grand total of six B10Ms were out, these being 20103 K2, 20104 K4, 20106 K5, 20107 K18, 20118 K3 and 20127 K16. As you can see all these were sent out from King's Lynn, the remainder being B9s. From the eastern end 60863 reappeared on Y7 and was enjoyed by Jamie R. Lowestoft produced 20352 on L10 and 20353 on L11. The day seemed fairly uneventful, though 37569 joined the list of Geminis out of service. Rob Brooks viewed 20121 again in use on Hunstanton services.

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jimbo said...

hi .

it seems to me,reading between the lines,that most of these B9's suffer from injector failure,now,would this be due to the increase in speed now in place,it may mean that the injectors need resetting to a different bar pressure,just a thought,as most B9'S are set around 50mph and from what is coming through is Fec's are now on average 62mph.