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Wednesday 12th August 2009 ~ Regent Bingo

'Regent Bingo' proclaimed the destination display on 37572 when it arrived at King's Lynn garage tonight. This is not the first time I've seen this on an out of service bus, so who is responsible I wonder ? Come on you 'First' employees/managers, I'm sure one of you must be able to give a plausible explanation ?
37569 did K16 this morning, but this afternoon 20115 was on this duty. This may indicate a fault with 569 as 20115 normally only performs if a B9 has blown up en route.
Timekeeping was pretty much Ok today, but K15 lost time with 20352 and ws 15 down at lunchtime. 20118 began the day on K19, but 37577 was able to relieve it at some point. B10Ms out today were 20103 K2, 20104 K18, 20106 Y13 and 20127 L10 in addition to 118. The new Gemini adverts which I'd up to now been unable to identify are for ESPN, the firm now entrusted with bringing us live Premiership football this season.
20105 was at last being worked on this evening at Vancouver Avenue so may be back soon.

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