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Tuesday 4th August 2009 ~ A Load of Rubbish

Bruce was doing his utmost to provide a detailed despatch today when he was just about to view Y13 and the dustman arrived obscuring his view of it. Recognising the familiar sound of a B10M he vowed to check it on its return from Peterborough. but Cheryl beat him to it and reported 20107 arriving at Wisbech as the 12.18 to Peterborough. Rob Brooks was at King's Lynn and viewed the following :
37568 Y9 0945 Lynn - Peterborough arr 0948 dep 1006
37576 K4 1000 Lynn - Lowestoft arr 0954 dep 1002
37569 L10 1015 Lynn - Peterborough arr 1007 dep 1015
20118 K5 1032 Lynn - Lowestoft arr 1027 dep 1033
37575 L11 1045 Lynn - Peterborough arr 1037
Un/id gemini Y6 1102 Lynn - Lowestoft dep 1110
20127 L12 1115 Lynn - Peterborough dep 1117
20121 again on Hunstantons, 20104 arrived empty at Lynn at 1100, possible swap later..?

Thanks for the obs Rob, I can enlarge further on a few things : 37568 which left King's Lynn westbound 21 late was later viewed at Walpole Highway by BB running precisely 30 late going east and with 37569 on L10 just 15 seconds behind it !
The unidentified B9 on Y6 was 37564. Earlier Y7 had arrived with 20104 but this handed over to 20109 which departed late as the delayed 08.45 to Peterborough. It was seen by Bruce 19 running 19 late. 104 seems to have been revived to continue the turn as the 11.33 to Lowestoft.

One other B10M which I've not mentioned was 20106 which was once again on its old favourite diagram, K3. So that's 20104/6/7/9/18/27 in attendance today, the missing coach here is 20103 which was kept at Lowestoft today and replaced by 37569. 20351 looks to be almost ready to return to service now and its sisters 20352/3 were today employed on K17 and K15 respectively. Volvo 60863 was used on K16 and was running 9 late when it passed Walpole westbound (due 13.33). This should mean it will end up at Lowestoft tonight.
Various B9s have been fitted with advertising for the Orange mobile phone network, 37568/76 are two of these, more details to follow. 568 also has a rear ad for Flick & Son, the Suffolk Estate Agents. Noted this evening was 37576 carrying the Lowestoft College rear ad, strange in that this was removed from 37570 about a month ago. 37563 has carried this ad since June.

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