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Wednesday August 26th 2009 ~ It's That Time Again

Peterborough Beer Festival time that is. My first visit this evening meaning that this entry is appearing a day late. Timekeeping was not particularly impressive today. I left work at 17.03 and saw 37570 on K19 passing 37575 westbound on K3, both running 13 minutes late. K4 was more heavily delayed and 20103 was still 15 late arriving at Wisbech to work the 19.00 to Lowestoft.
Like the return of a bad penny, 60863 was back on the route today. It did Y13 because 37577 expired with engine problems on K1 at Dereham last night. 577 has now joined 37573/6 at Volvo.
Todays B10M count was six : 20103 on K4, 20104 on K18, 20106 initially on Y6 but replaced at some point at Lynn by 20352, 20107 on L12, 20118 filling in to Peterborough and back on Y7 this morning after 20351 presumably came in late. 351 was seen by Bruce sitting in the bus station at Lynn mid morning seemingly on standby. Finally 20127 did K2 and was seen by Rob Brooks heading to Peterborough about 20 late this afternoon.
37579 was at King's Lynn garage on maintenance today and so didn't return to service.

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