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Monday August 10th 2009 ~ A Model Day

I've entitled this post 'a model day' and this refers to the fact that there appear to have been no swaps of vehicle whatsoever ! Perhaps not surprising following Saturday's blog ?
On this basis I've decided to report things 'by vehicle' as it were, so let's see what was going on today.

37563 K14
37564 K16
37565 L12
37566 - presumed to be the unid Gemini on Y13
37567 K1
37568 Yarmouth on MOT
37569 K4
37570 Y6
37571 collision damage assigned to Wrights
37572 Y9
37573 Norwich Volvo - warranty work
37574 Y7
37575 K3
37576 King's Lynn Vancouver Avenue Sched Servicing
37577 Norwich Volvo - King's Lynn for traffic
37578 K19
37579 Full Circle : Collision damage repairs
20351 K18
20352 K15
20353 K17
20103 L8
20104 K2
20105 King's Lynn Rowan Road : pending overheating investigation, last worked on July 17
20106 L11
20107 L10
20109 King's Lynn Vancouver Avenue pending repairs
20118 K5
20121 King's Lynn Rowan Road on test (gears)
20126 Yarmouth - engine change required
20127 Yarmouth
20131 King's Lynn Rowan Road MOT expired, last worked on July 17

In addition to the above 20115/123, 34108 and 60863 have all appeared on X1 in recent weeks but none were active today.

Most notable event was the return of 37577 to King's Lynn and it should be fit for traffic tomorrow and so 20118 may be the B10M to take a well earned rest having substituted for the missing B9 recently.
37570 appeared in service with new side adverts today and 37565 has also been modified , more news tomorrow.
Thanks to Rob B and Bruce for reports today.]

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