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Tuesday August 25th 2009 ~ One Hundred Not Out

Well I guess it had to happen ! The first Gemini to exceed 100,000 miles is 37564. Its nearest rivals 563 & 568 both failed at the final hurdle but 564 just kept going and going. There is a discrepancy however between the miles recorded on the odometer and the wheelhub meter. The former actually reads about 2,500 miles more and this suggests that the hub meters were fitted shortly after entry into service. Probably by coincidence 564 is the B9 that I personally have travelled on the most and had all the B9s emulated its reliability I'm sure that we would now be talking about what a superb fleet the Geminis are. Regrettably this is not the case and once again today other vintage vehicles were making up the numbers.
Nine turns were entirely B9 operated today and in addition 37566 managed to do the first leg of K1 before being replaced at Lowestoft by 37577. The latter began the day on K19 but was changed at Lowestoft for 20103. B10Ms (and there were plenty out today) were 20105 : K2, 20106 : K18, 20118 K5 and 20127 Y13. The appearnce of 127 was unexepected and meant 20115 remained at Yarmouth. 20104 was also out on K4 but was taken off this afternoon and replaced by 20351. Possibly in this connection Bruce viewed 20352 followed 1 minute later by 20351 departing Lynn this evening bound for Peterborough. 351 despite carrying a full passenger compliment had 'not in service' on the front and was only 6 late at Walton Highway in contrast to 352 which was 38 late and went down the bypass to Wisbech. 34108 was also substituting today and did K16.
Two new advertising campaigns began today with T. Mobile partnering the Daily Star/Daily Express. 37564/9/74 all appear to have received these ads at Lowestoft last night.
37579 was back at Lynn tonight after body repairs at Full Circle. After a service it should be back in traffic.

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