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Tuesday 11th August 2009 ~ Calming Down

A classic picture of the X1 as we will no doubt love to remember it in years to come. The Beast, 20107 departs Wisbech for the coast this evening with a very capable driver at the wheel ! Photo : Rob Brooks.
B9s 37570/5 at Wisbech on Monday around 18.30 : Photo by Rob Brooks

This rather art deco look advert is apparently encouraging us to buy a new type of chocolate confectionary !
After a pretty awful couple of months on the X1 with anything but the booked vehicles appearing, today saw what may possibly be the gradual return to 'service as advertised'.
37577 was back in traffic on K19 and this just leaves 37568 on MOT and 37573/9 inactive plus long term casualty 37571.
Once again most turns kept the bus they'd started with and the only known swap was on Y6 which ran late this morning with 37567, it was later changed for 20127 and Rob Brooks valued the thrash from 127 down the Parkway and says "20127 managed 61mph down the Stoke Parkway, with full roar from the cooling fans. Quite spectacular!! ". Great stuff but what a shame they don't give it a repaint, the Barbie livery is looking well worn now and quite dated. Imagine 127 in the colours now worn by 20111 (see our 'Where Are They Now' feature on July 16th), now that would look smart and also show that First Eastern were making an effort.

Other B10Ms out today were 20103 on Y9, 20104 on L12, 20106 on K18 and 'beast' 20107 on K2. The latter was three minutes early at Walpole Highway on the 07.30 P'bo - Lowestoft and caught out Bruce and myself. Similarly this evening another service running 3 minutes early was L10 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough which had a healthy number of passegers enjoying the delights of 37563. Again all three Profiles were out and 20351 returned from the coast on Y13.
Punctuality was fair today but K19 with 37577 was 16 late into Wisbech to form the 16.56 to Lowestoft.
There appear to be two new adverts adorning various B9s, one is a dropdown drivers side commercial for Mikado Milk ( If, like me, you had no idea what this was, go to the following dubious website to read one of the most cringeingly gushing reviews I think I've ever read - it had me in fits of laughter such is the pretentious nature of the narrative)

The new advertisements on the passenger side of various B9s are the first to replace the series of Easy Jet ads. The new vinyls can hardly be described as effective for despite noting the fact that 37563 (possibly), 37564/5/7/70 all carry the new ad, I've not actually managed to establish what it is for yet !!

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