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Monday 24th August 2009 ~ 10 Months Down the Line ....

It is now 10 months since the Geminis were unveiled as the new face of the X1. Few would have envisaged at this early stage of their careers that availability would have dropped so drastically. Today just 11 were available for service again with 37563 a new casualty due to an electrical fault. 37568 once again failed to appear from Lowestoft while 37576 joined 37573 at Volvo. 37571/9 with accident damage completed the picture.
News that the B10M s which were transferred to Glasgow at the turn of the year are being sold off to private companies for further use has been met by derision from local enthusiasts. 20119 was the first to go for a new life re-registered down south somewhere and now a Newton-Le -Willows firm has taken delivery of 20114 and 20120. With Hunstanton schools contracts due to restart soon, these would have been ideal to supplement the X1 fleet.
Today the B10M fleet were once again belying their years on the X1. Remarkably the two coaches involved in yesterday's private hire which arrived back after midnight were barely cold before resuming X1 use with 20106 on K17 and 20118 on K5. Three out of the four Lowestoft based turns were old vehicles with 37578 on L8 being the only Gemini. The other turns were L10 with 20104, L11 with Royale 34108 and L12 being worked by the rejuvenated 20105. In addition 20107 was on K2 and 20115 on K4 - quite remarkable.
Profile 20351 was failed today, but 20352/3 did Y13 and K18. One good point about today was punctuality which was exceptional.
Sam reports 20103 in use on the X2 today and Michael B adds that there was the odd B10M out in the Beccles area last week with 20107 on the 13.38 X2 ex Lowestoft on Thursday unusually running 20 late, so may be a last minute substitution, whilst on Friday 20104 was in use on a Bernard Matthews contract. Jamie R says that the most remarkable aspect of his journey on 34108 today was an X rated display of lesbian affection from a couple of punters on the top deck, much to the amazement of fellow passengers. J says ' Obviously attention seekers, they could have at least sat on the back seat instead of at the front !' They were probably just excited about having 34108 Jamie !

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