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Friday 28th August 2009 ~ Post No. 400

60863 is out on the X1 again, seen at Wisbech tonight on L12 23.00 to King's Lynn. Earlier it had cut out in Lynn bus station around midday and fitters repaired it. Photo by Rob Brooks.
Yes the 400th post and its about three days late ! Y13 was a mystery this morning. It came through Wisbech about 10 late at 12.30 with 37572 which had come on at Lynn. It looks like it swapped turns with 37568 on K14. Lowestoft sent out 60863 again on L12 while 37567 had a day off and Grahame reports 37565 on MOT at Yarmouth. L11 was 22 late with 20127 and other B10Ms seen were 20103 on K4 which was later taken off at Lynn and replaced by 20105, K2 was 20104 and 20107 K18.

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