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Saturday 15th August 2009 ~ Stud Needed !

37563 heads east on L9 today. Whether it was abducted by the Aliens shown on the advert is unclear, but Royale 34108 came back this evening.
Jamie Vendy sent in this picture of a rather lost looking 37568 on L11 which was awaiting admittance to its correct bay at Queensgate this lunchtime after it was occupied by one of several National Express additionals to London.

The mystery of why 37572 has never received any advertisements on the drivers side was explained to me tonight. The reason is that it has a stud missing and this should be fitted soon to enable it to carry ads. Apparently Summer can be a testing time for the ad-man. Adverts on a black background attract the heat and cause expansion which can in extreme circumstances cause boards to bulge or even become detached.
20353 came out of Lowestoft today and did the single out and back turn (L12). B10Ms in service were 20127 on K1, 20106 on K3, 20118 on K5, 20103 on the morning part of Y7 gave way to 20104 this afternoon and Y13 had 20107. Probably the biggest surprise was 37563 on L9 which was changed at Lowestoft for Royale 34108 and this came back to Lynn tonight.
This evening only six of the overnight occupants at King's Lynn were B9s and of these 37574/5 were due to arrive on the late turns which under normal circumstances would see them spare at Rowan Road tomorrow. timekeeping in the middle of the day was far from ideal with 37570 15 late on K16 and 20353 16 late returning to Lowestoft on L12.

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