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Thursday 20th August 2009 ~ Providing A Service

37570/2/4 & 20351 were all due for servicing today at King's Lynn and in order for this to be carried out, various vehicle changes took place. 37570 was done first and this was completed in time for it to do K5 07.45 to Peterborough. 37574 was next and when completed it took over K4, the 10.03 to Lowestoft which had come in with 20351. This was then serviced and done in time to take over K15 the 12.45 westbound in the place of 37572 which then in turn came in for its scheduled attention. 572 was completed in time to take out K18 14.15 to Peterborough in the place of 20115 which retired to the garage. All this was carried out very efficiently and shows what can be done when everything goes as planned.
L11 which had 20127 in the morning arrived back at Lynn tonight with 20352 which had been worked into Yarmouth on Tuesday. 20123 remained at Rowan Road today along with 20105/21/31 and also getting a rare day off, 20106.
The number of B10Ms used today was down on that of late. 20103 was K2 and 20118 K3. Y6 had 20104 (reported by Rob Brooks this evening, having worked all day).

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