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Thursday 30th July ~ Report In Retrospect 1

Timekeeping was worse than for sometime today. First offender was 20118 on K4 this morning which was seen by Bruce running 20 late to Peterborough, it had however made up almost all of this by the time it returned. At lunchtime, another B10M was running late, this being 20127 which was 8 late going west and 16 late returning. 20352 on Y9 was seen departing Wisbech westbound about 8 late (due 10.18). Royale 34108 was spot on time on K14 though at 12.48 and it had a rather odd day as on arrival at King's Lynn at 14.54 it was taken off and then replaced 37567 on K2 15.45 to Peterborough - it is assumed that this was because a driver not carded for B9s was provided. K14 looks to have proceeded with 20103, though why this didn't simply replace 37567 itself is a mystery only known to 'First'. 103 was also having a day of variety. It worked Y7 06.10 from Yarmouth as far as King's Lynn but was replaced there by 20106. 103 was then called upon to go light to Dereham where 37575 had suffered a broken window on K18. By the afternoon 37575 was back on K18 and 103 had returned to Lynn enabling it to do K14.
Afternoon puntuality was pretty poor with 37576 18 late on K19 and 37574 25 late on K1.
B10Ms out were 20103 (see above), 20104 L10, 20106 (as above), 20109 K3, 20118/127 also as shown above. Locally 20121 was at last in service this afternoon on King's Lynn town service 42.

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