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Friday 21st August 2009 ~ Consolidation

The initial vehicle allocation for today's X1 was B9 Gemini : 12, B7 Profile : 2, B10M Premiere : 4. The missing turn was expected to be 37568, but whether or not this did the morning part is unknown as both Bruce and myself failed to see L12 which was the turn concerned. Tonight it was Royale 34108.
Punctuality was on reflection pretty good for a Friday, though things went wrong tonight - presumably after an A47 incident and L8 was seen departing Terrington St. John 39 minutes late at 19.44 heading for Peterborough with 37564. It hadn't managed to make up much of this by the time it passed Bruce coming back and was still 30 minutes behind time. 34108 was also affected and this was 17 late at Hardwick, 13 late at Walpole Highway and 7 late when viewed near Eye by Jamie Robinson this evening.
Gemini 37576 began the day on K19 but didn't last long - it is not known where it was replaced, but it seems likely that it was 20352 which took over. B10M coaches in use were 20115 on K4, 20118 on K5, 20103 on L10 and 20107 on L11. 115 was in trouble at lunchtime with an old problem, a loose panel, but this was fixed and it was able to continue. 20118 is not popular with drivers because of its poor acceleration at low speeds - particularly a nuisance at roundabouts and such places as the Hockering turn where gaps in the A47 traffic are sparse. Once up to speed however, it is as good as the others I am told.

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