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Thursday 27th August 2009 ~ Miles Better

Following its recent argument with a muntjac, 20351 has lost its 'First' branding, but at least it has a fleet number on the front unlike 20353. 351 passes Walpole Highway this morning.
37569 now sporting a rather vivid pink ad for T Mobile arrives at Wisbech on K1 at just before 8 this morning.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that two of the Lowestoft Geminis had inoperable hub meters registering the mileage. Well lo and behold 37565/9 have now both had them reset, so although not displaying the accumulated mileage, at least they are working again, so thanks to whoever acted on this.
37579 returned to service 0n K3 today. 60863 was sent to Lowestoft on K16 and 34108 was back on its old route working the X2 for a change. Michael Bryant also reports 20127 on the 10.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 today. The vehicle on L10 was changed at Lynn this morning for 37575 off a maintenance check, but I'm not sure what it was - Bruce seems to think it was a B10M . This afternoon 37572 was taken off K19 and replaced by another 'unknown', so probably the bus which worked L10.
20107 began the day on K4 with 20351 on K5, but by this evening they had swapped turns. An accident on the A47 between Eye and Thorney caused disruption at teatime. 20105 on K17 was 30 late and 37568 on K18 was 36 late into Wisbech, K19 was also affected and was 14 late with 572. 37575/9 have had new ads for 'Dorian Grey' fitted. B10Ms out today were 20103 on Y7, 20104 on Y13, 20105 on the second leg of K17 and 20107 as mentioned above. 20106/18/21/23/31 were all at Rowan Road today.

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