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Wednesday 19th August 2009 ~ A Small Proportion

37568 has been on unofficial loan to King's Lynn so far this week. It did K19 on Monday and K3 today on which it is seen at Walpole Highway this afternoon.
Running 42 minutes late, Royale 34108 passes Bruce in glorious weather on Y7 this morning.

Just recently Bruce has been pointing out a factual error on the blog header. "It says ' a small proportion of services are still coach worked', now that is hardly true is it ?". Well no , not at the moment certainly Bruce. Just to prove it he has been bombarding me with daily percentages of the proportion of services not worked by Geminis !
Something went badly wrong on the Peterborough stretch of the A47 this morning. Y6 09.35 from Peterborough came through Walpole Highway 34 late with 37567. This evening it had cut the deficit to 15 minutes and by the time it passed through on the 19.10 from Peterborough it was all but on time. Back to this morning though and Y7 which had Royale 34108 returned from Peterborough no less than 42 late having been on time going west. A number of swaps took place at Lowestoft because of late arrivals and the Royale and 37566 on Y9 were swapped for 37563 and 20115.
For the second day running 37578 wasn't in service (reason currently unknown), but 37576 returned from repairs at Volvo and quickly replaced 20118 on K4. Another B10M replaced today was 20106 which did half of K18 but was then replaced as the 14.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough by 37565 which had its cameras back in action. Profile 20352 didn't appear today having gone into Yarmouth last night. 20103 was out instead of it on Y13. Three other old coaches were out, these being 20104 on K1, 20107 on K2 - on which Jamie R had a stifling journey from Peterborough this afternoon - and 20127 on K16.

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