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Friday 11th February 2011 ~ Out Of The Country

Passengers board 37569 at Peterborough rail station today. It departed 8 minutes late on the 10.05 to Lowestoft due to heavy traffic locally.
As I mentioned in Thursday's blog, I travelled up to Scotland today. This involved me utilising the X1 - yes I do actually use it sometimes ! - to get to Peterborough. 37569 could be heard approaching Wisbech bus station well before it hove into view thanks to its noisy fan. A respectable number of joining passengers made our departure at 09.25, seven minutes behind schedule. Slow traffic plus stops to pick up punters at Thorney Toll and both Thorney village stops saw us into Queensgate bus station at shortly after 10.09. This meant we had lost a further 6 minutes which shows how tightly timed the service is at peak times. Arrival at the rail station was at 10.12, thirteen minutes late. Y7 may have lost further time, as 37569 was retired at Lowestoft and 37157 took over for the 14.55 back to King's Lynn.
Bruce, Cheryl and Peter filled in the gaps for me today and 'The Beast' - by this time a celeb of course - turned up on L12. 37578 was spare at Lynn today for servicing.
Thanks to Donna for producing a nice article in the EDP today. I had expressed initial reservations because I thought 'First' would not be keen, however, it was written in the genuine manner one has come to expect from this paper.

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