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Tuesday February 1st 2011 ~ Breakers Calling

Former X1 stalwart 20123 which moved to Yarmouth recently, has now been withdrawn and along with 20129 is expected to depart for the scrapyard at Erith shortly. This presumably means that those stored at King's Lynn Rowan Road will soon join them. 20121 is still shown as 'accident damage' following its December rear end shunt, but damage appears to be minimal. A coach which is still at work is 20107 and this was delayed today while working L12. It was noted departing Wisbech 19 late at 12.07 heading for Peterborough, however, by tonight it was back to time.
The use of 107 meant four Geminis were rested today, 37564 (Lowestoft servicing), 37576 (King's Lynn spare), 37156 (Lowestoft) and 37160 (MOT at King's Lynn). The broken down President we reported yesterday was still evident in Norwich bus station this morning and a good frost resulted in the warning below on 37568 ....

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