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Tuesday 8th February 2011 ~ Lights, Camera, Action

Matthew our local photographer from the Eastern Daily Press met up with Bruce and myself this morning. Fortunately, after several dismal days, the sun decided to shine for us and photographs were obtained for possible publication (are the EDP readers ready for this I ask myself ?)
The driver of 37573 on K2 may be about to enjoy a minute of fame as a result. You 'First' people who read the blog, may be interested to know that we spoke about you all in glowing terms and I suppose it is true to say that we are indeed a sort of fan club.
I'm pleased to be able to report a sighting of 'The Beast' today. 37566 began on L8, but was taken off for servicing at Lowestoft at 15.10, 20107 being provided for the 15.25 back to Peterborough, however, on its return, a wheelchair passenger required to board at King's Lynn and the powers that be decided that 37568 which had come into Lynn on L11 should be substituted. Now 37568 was due for servicing yesterday as you may recall, but this was postponed because of a vehicle shortage, hence it doing L11.
37563 disgraced itself this morning. It expired at Thorney on K4 with a water leak and was eventually taken back to King's Lynn for repairs. 37160 which had been on local duities then took up the diagram.
37576 which has been in the wars recently, looked to be in trouble again today. The timetable was pretty much abided by, but 576 on K19 was the exception. It was 15 late from Wisbech on the 16.56 to Lowestoft and on my way home from work, I found myself at the end of a stream of motorists tailing 576 which seemed capable of nothing more than 45mph. This begs the question, was 576 having more suspension worries - it certainly looked that way - or was it merely a driver taking it steady ?

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