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Saturday 12th February 2011 ~ Saturday becomes 'Sun' Day

This morning I was rudely awoken by a knock on my bedroom door. My host Stuart (he of Lothian Buses fame), announced "Rob's been on the 'phone - you're in the Sun and Daily Mail this morning ".
Yeah right ? I turned over to get a few more minutes rest. Imagine my surprise then, when I actually got up and was immediately directed to the laptop with the 'Sun' website carrying its own version of yesterday's EDP story. The Mail Online also featured the blog today. I'm sure it's the World that has gone mad and not me !!
Anyway, to the X1 - yes remember that ? That's why this blog exists. This morning was rather wet in Great Yarmouth, but early bird Grahame Bessey was around to capture this unusual working. Obviously a bit miffed at all this attention the Beast has been getting, 20115 decided to show its paces on the 07.45 Lowestoft to Peterborough & 12.35 return. Here she is at Market Gates :
Quite why 20115 was used is unclear, but it could be standing in for the poorly 37566 I suppose. Lowestoft should have had a spare Gemini today, but it too was unavailable. L11 had 37569 changed for 37567 at Lowestoft today and in case you were wondering, 20107 aka The Beast, was marauding along on K14. L8 was the only working which evaded our team of X1 spotters - it was either 37568 or 37579, may be someone can confirm which ?

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