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Monday January 31st 2011 ~ Please Mr. Postman.....

Today was my birthday and as a special treat, Bruce arranged for Y6 to be worked by 20107 (OK, so I made that bit up - well the bit about Bruce arranging it that is !). She was running about 5 late, so this enabled me to get a crafty picture whilst walking to work. Now I know this is a busy hour of the morning, but really ! Wouldn't you have thought that the postman would have delayed delivering for a moment and stood with me saluting the Beast ?

Obviously he just wasn't interested in this fine piece of machinery. It was never going to be a good pic of course, as the sun was behind the bus, but hey - at least there weren't any buildings on fire, which is quite good for Wisbech.
The appearance of 107 was the only exception to an all low floor service today. Most services ran fairly punctually and the worst noted was L11 with 37576 which passed my vantage point eleven minutes late. This may be explained by the fact that it had replaced 37570 at Lynn, after the latter was required for a safety service. Another swap occurred at the Lowestoft end, when 37564 on Y9 was changed for 37569.
Apart fron 37160 (MOT this week), all the B7s were in service.
Elsewhere it was not a good day for some. President 32210 was broken down at Norwich at 15.45 with a good crowd waiting for a replacement X2 and Paul sent in a picture kindly taken by Rob Freeman of Royale 34111 stranded near Halesworth, presumably after expiring on a Bernard Matthews contract.

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