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Sunday February 20th 2011 ~ No News is Good News

Well that is what they say isn't it ? No reports of any delays today and the service was worked by ten of the B9 Geminis. Only thing of note was 37571 doing K6 10.10 from Peterborough, which on arrival at Lowestoft terminates and then goes light to Yarmouth for Monday. Normally 571 is a permanent Lynn overnight resident, although in recent weeks it has been a Sunday regular which has on occasion led to it ending up on the coast.

37157 was used as the Yarmouth crew taxi to Norwich this lunchtime. It is seen on the forecourt at Caister Road and was photographed by Grahame Bessey.
 Last weekend, the Gemini fleet were kitted out with new adverts for Nescafe Original 3 in 1 (not to be confused with the household oil !) and the Johnny Depp film 'Rango'. If one disregards the absent 37566, only one of the entire X1 fleet avoided receiving the new ads, this being 37572 which was out late on both nights last weekend. Incidentally, 572 is the current 'Mr Reliable' having worked on every day since January 4th.
37578 is seen at King's Lynn garage with the 'Rango' ad currently being sported on all but 5 of the B9s.

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