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Sunday 13th February 2011 ~ Infamy, Infamy ....

They've all got it in for me. With apologies to the late Kenneth Williams. My sister informs me that I have had a 'couriergram' from Aysha who wants me to contact her in relation to featuring the blog on ITV's 'Daybreak'. Well I never ! Stuart from Anglia News is also on the warpath - I'm so glad I'm in Scotland, even though I am a fan of Anglia News.

Here's something I meant to post on Friday. Just to show that First don't have a monopoly on B10M workings. Emblings YIL3196 was working the Friday Downham service from Wisbech this week. It was formerly registered as N133 SJF
 Today Brucey was on the ball with a list of B9 Geminis working the X1. 37564 & 37567 were the only Lowestoft examples with 37571 - 37578 inclusive holding the fort in typically reliable King's Lynn fashion.

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