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Thursday 24th February 2011 ~ And Then There Were Two !

The weather today was superb and a refreshing change from the gloomy days we've suffered recently. The X1 was on top form too with 4 minutes being the maximum lateness recorded through Wisbech. The public seemed to be lifted by the good weather as well, with loadings on the morning services to Peterborough being positively heavy from Wisbech.
King's Lynn had the luxury of being able to carry out booked servicing on 37575 & 37576 without sending them out on completion. This was because 'The Beast' was used on K16 and 37158 & 37160 were also out on K18 & K5.
Biggest surprise of the day was Lowestoft swapping 37568 on K4 for 20115. It was a week since the coach last appeared, so whether it has been toddling around Lowestoft in the interim is unknown.
Des says "I had 37563 on Y7 15.42 Yarmouth to King's Lynn. We departed Yarmouth on time and were still on time at Norwich, then we were 4 late at Easton at 16.47, 6 late at Hockering, 4 late at Dereham, 8 late at Toftwood Millwrights Arms at 17.19, 7 late at Necton, 2 late at Swaffham (17.39) , the same at Narborough and East Winch, but on time into Lynn at 18.07. I came back on K4 19.35 ex Lynn with 20115 on time throughout. 37568 was viewed entering Norwich bus station at 16.27 on the X2. 20107 passed en route at Dereham on time".
37575 has now amassed 280 thousand miles, so at the current rate, all being well, should pass the 300,000 mark before the end of April.

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