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Wednesday February 2nd 2011 ~ The Weakest Link

Once again today, K16 was missing from the schedules west of King's Lynn. 37158 was the bus and it was seen on the Southgates cam departing back to Lowestoft about 5 late. Whether it was coincidence or not is debatable, but 37571 on K17 (now there's a surprise NOT) was 2 minutes early from Wisbech on the 14.18 Peterborough - may be to placate any passengers who'd been hanging around for 30 minutes plus.
'The Beast' was unusually despatched from Lynn on K4 today, but the reason soon became apparent - she was swapped at Lowestoft for 37566. It was a bit of a swap shop all round today. Y6 with 37578 changed to 37574 for the 11.02 Lynn - Lowestoft, then K19 had 37576 taken off at 14.45 for 37578 to work forward.
On a day of little noteworthy, the billboard men were busy this evening stripping off adverts at Lynn, Yarmouth and Lowestoft. The latest ones are for films 'Paul', 'Gnomeo & Juliet' (groans all round) and 'Deadspace 2'. Speaking of dead space, the last month has seen a spate of X1 vehicles devoid of nearside ads revealing the route branding (37566/569/578) and likewise blank rears as in the case of 37567/572/575/578/579/157/159.
The new X1 timetable from March is still shrouded in secrecy and the latest VOSA announcements omit the X1, so we will have to wait another month for any detail it would seem.

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