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Thursday 10th February 2011 ~ Rosemary's Jigsaw

We haven't had a day with wholesale swaps for quite sometime, the X1 having been positively well behaved. There was no indication either that today would be 'one of those days', whereas in fact it turned out to be one of those evenings ! Punctuality throughout the day was once again excellent, but it all went pear shaped after 16.00 which was when an A47 accident on the single carriageway at North Tuddenham caused disruption. The 20.35 King's Lynn - Lowestoft had 37565 in diagram and the 21.35 37568, but at 22.45 these were both already in King's Lynn garage as was 37567 which in theory should have been on L12 between Peterborough and Wisbech. Y13 was unaffected and ran as booked with 37572.
It was nice to meet KL supremo Rosemary who was checking tacho readings tonight, but unfortuantely her list of impending arrivals matched my observations book and instead of 37573 turning up on L10, 37568 arrived instead.
20107 was used on K14 again today, but this time worked the full turn as the only vehicle which could have replaced it, 37157, was stopped for maintenance.
The three King's Lynn based B7 Geminis are currently undergoing MOTs. Last Thursday 37160 re-entered service and today 37158 did likewise and even managed to do a trip from Lynn to Peterborough and back this evening during the height of the delays. Tomorrow 37159 is due for a chassis wash and this means it should also be sidelined until Thursday next. 37159 was actually used on K16 today, but was removed this afternoon with freshly serviced 37576 working forward as the 16.02 Lynn to Lowestoft.
I'm keeping a low profile now for a few days - probably advisable as I'm told that the EDP article may appear in Friday's edition - and will be getting away from it all in Edinburgh. The next blog should be on Tuesday, but in the meantime, all sightings and news are welcome at the usual email address. Cheers Gerard.

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