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Saturday 5th February 2011 ~ Press Release

A thoroughly dull and miserable day here in the west and I guess pretty generally along the route. I ventured out at lunchtime to meet a charming lady called Donna who works for the Eastern Daily Press. She'd been trying to track me down for sometime, but circumstances dictated otherwise until now. We discussed all sorts of subjects, but her main interest was this blog which may form the subject of a small article in the next week or so. The EDP has a very large readership within Norfolk and along its borders and I am told it is the only regional newspaper to outsell 'The Sun' in its catchment area. An impressive statistic indeed. I'm not sure the circulation will improve with any pictures of me, but there you are !

Me, doing my best to impersonate Harry Hill as 37564, still advertising 'The Little Fockers' passes by on Y7.  I think that picture will go down as a reject Bruce !
 Everything seemed to run quite smoothly today without any swaps and with sufficient resources to keep 37574 spare at Lynn today, with 37158 in use on locals. Y13 with 37157 was a bit late going to Peterborough at lunchtime and it failed to appear at Walpole on the 13.05 from Peterborough, so may be a bypass job ?

37564 is also the last Gemini to retain the AXA insurance ad, but not for much longer if this picture is anything to go by !

1 comment:

Des Speed said...

Congratulations on receiving the recognition that you deserve for bringing us the X1 Blog.
Your Harry Hill impersonation is really good!