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Sunday 6th February 2011 ~ A Vital Link

I think Sundays more than any other day illustrate so well why the X1 is a vital link. Locally we get healthy numbers using the service on a Sunday, although the late night services are always a cause for concern.
 Last year, 'First' withdrew the early Sunday morning turn from Lynn to Peterborough and instead now send a bus empty (or 'light' as those in the business would say) to Wisbech which then departs at 09.00 to Lowestoft. At the same time, the 20.50 Lynn to Peterborough was also withdrawn, giving a two hour gap on a Sunday evening between 19.50 and the last service to Peterborough at 21.50. One can only hope that further cuts don't have to be made.
Very low floor ! 37576 at Norwich today.
A full B9 timetable was in operation today and all services seen ran to timetable. There was a hiccup though as 37576 had a suspension problem, which resulted in an unusual change of bus at Norwich. 576 which was on the 09.10 from Peterborough began to misbehave en route and as luck would have it 37572 had been brought to Norwich by a Yarmouth driver and the swap then took place, so that 576 could be examined.

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