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Sunday 30th January 2011 ~ Dereham Delays

Today's 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough at Boskoop with 37565. You don't get a picture of 565 for ages, then three come along at once !
 Something pretty major has to occur to delay Sunday services due to the generally lighter traffic. Today was an example when a serious A47 accident occurred near Dereham around Midday. It later transpired that this had resulted in a fatality.
The 11.48 from Lowestoft with 37572 was 16 late into Lynn and the 12.48 with 37571 was 22 late at Walpole. Finally the 13.48, 37564, was 14 late at the same location. Subsequent services ran on time. The service was entirely B9 worked and all the B7s remained at King's Lynn.
37 156 & 37157 resting at King's Lynn this evening

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