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Monday 21st February 2011 ~ 37571 unleashed

Time today for one of those sad stats which I come up with every so often. 37571 was kept overnight at Yarmouth which as I said before is not uncommon on a Sun/Mon. I think this is because the Lynn drivers signing on on Sundays get to pretty much choose their own bus, hence the B7s being left behind and 571 getting a regular run out. If it is taken on a run which ends up back at Lynn, Richard can then use it on K17 as usual on the Monday and - more often than not - it will remain on this turn all week. Today was unusual however, as Yarmouth turned 571 out on the first duty of the day, Y6 which ends up at Lowestoft.
Now this is where the sad fact comes in ! This was the first time 571 had worked Y6 since 15th May 2009, this being before it was involved in the Thorney crash. It duly completed the turn and ended up at Lowestoft tonight.
L12 was in trouble this morning with 37568 being unable to continue as the 11.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough. 37570 was summoned to take over and later at 14.15, 37568 was seen leaving Vancouver Avenue, presumably on test. There is a strong possibility that it may have replaced 37578 on K17 16.32 to Lowestoft.
37158 had its booked service at Lynn today and apart from 37566, all the other Geminis were on the X1 giving an all low floor service.
Des reports : "Back to work after 11 days off!!!! 37571 on Y6 from Yarmouth to start (see above), 37159 - K3 09.32 King's Lynn - Lowestoft. Departed 2 minutes late at 09.34 after late arrival. On time for rest of journey.  This bus has a top speed, as per digi tach, (not speedo) of 78 kph (78 Kilometers per Hour = 48.46695299451205 Miles per Hour.)  I departed Acle at 11.42 and didn't see an oncoming vehicle until 11.51. An extra wide load, a very large box on a low loader that came 1/4 into my lane. I pulled onto the verge and allowed it to pass, it was travelling approx 10 mph! A few hundred yards behind the the large load was 37572 (K18 10.55 ex Low, that was now going to be extremely late into Acle and beyond.).Road works start today at the Gorleston Library with traffic lights for the next 8 weeks. I was at the lights as the fixed lights and the temp lights were both in simultaneous operation. I followed the the fixed lights which meant I went through through a temp red!!!".
Following on from this, I can report that on an excellent day for punctuality, 37572 was the only service seen delayed beyond 5 minutes. It was just 8 late from Wisbech on the 14.48 to Peterborough.

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