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Wednesday 23rd February 2011 ~ 22 for 19

In theory, 22 buses for 19 diagrams should work fine most of the time. Knock out one (let's call it 37566 for convenience) and that then means only two buses are spare. This was tested to the limit today with 37566 absent and 37160 off for servicing at Lynn, however, this still left one bus spare surely ? Read on ...
37565 on Y6 was for some reason (late arrival or possible defect) unable to continue forward at 08.15 to Peterborough, so 37572 was sent from Vancouver Avenue, where it had been the third spare bus. This worked the western leg, but 37565 was fit to resume the turn at 11.02 to Lowestoft. 572 then retired again for further repairs to be carried out, but it was later seen departing the garage at 15.40, possibly on a test run.
37157 on L10 was due for servicing today, but with this being a Lowestoft bus, it was taken off there this afternoon and 'The Beast' 20107 took over. This was because the two spare Geminis (37160 & 37572) were both at the wrong end, so to speak. I drove to Walpole tonight to check if 565 was back on Y6 (it was) and waited to check that 157 was still on L10, I was rewarded with 20107 running 6 late.
Most services were pretty near time today and all less than 10 minutes late.

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