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Friday 4th February 2011 ~ Why 'The Beast' ?

The first eastbound service from King's Lynn (K14) was 37565 this morning. It was due for attention at Lowestoft depot, so the return 08.55 to Peterborough came back with 20107. Why 'The Beast' was chosen is unclear, as at 09.55 Michael Bryant spotted 37156 spare near the bus station and this later worked the 13.08 X2 to Norwich. It is possible that this was regarded as a test run, as 156 had not worked since Monday. Later after servicing, 37565 was also out on the X2 being seen on the 14.38 from Lowestoft.
An accident on the Saddlebow roundabout at King's Lynn caused a few problems early on. 37564 was 15 late at Walsoken on K4 when Peter caught it and K1 seen by Neil with 37578 came into Lynn from Hardwick, rather than Nar Ouse Way six minutes late.
After this early blip, timekeeping was very good, both L8 (37568) and Y9 (37574) departed Wisbech for Peterborough fractionally early but well loaded. Later Peter once again got 37564 - still on K4 and unusually for a Friday, on time as the 17.35 ex Peterborough. This service was delayed near Guyhirn due to an accident and eventually negotiated the scene without losing too much time.
37575 is having a good run again at the moment. It has run over 273,000 miles now and has been out every day since January 3rd. In contrast, 37566 - the lowest mileage B9 - has now done 237,000.

A friend at Lynn tells me that from Sunday there are fare revisions on the X1 route. Details are :
Singles -

Current fares up to £4.00 (Excluding the £3.80 fare) - +10p
Current £3.80 fare - +20p
Current fares - £5.00 to £8.50 + 50p
Returns -
Current fare up to £4.70 - +10p
Current fare of £5.00 - No change
Current fare of £5.80 - +20p
Current fare of £6.00 - No chnage
Current fare of £8.50 - +50p
Current fare of £12.00 - Some increased +50p and some increased +£1.00
Network Tickets -
Daily - N/C £13.00
Daily Family 1+2 - N/C £15.00
Daily Family 2+2 - N/C £26.00
Weekly - +£1 to £28.00
Monthly - +£3 to £98.00
3 Monthly - +£30.00 to £280.00
Yearly - +£30.00 to £980.00
In my opinion, these changes are quite realistic and not in the least bit excessive, yet in some quarters are being vilified quite unneccessarily. I think the majority of the critics are obviously not car owners ! As there may be some readers who wonder where the X1 fits into the recent bus subsidies argument, well, it doesn't. The X1 service is not subsidised and operates without help from the taxpayer.


mr lucas said...

Can you still use the oap pass on them Gerard.

Anonymous said...

Gerard, slight but important correction, the X1 is a recipient of fuel duty rebate, a subsidy as such, albeit being phased out over the next 5 years by 10% initially.Regards.